Well, the Fourth day since Day Zero and I will be honest. I haven’t worn it much today.

There seems to be a bit of a problem, it keeps cutting out on me. It’s off more than on. I am very confused, the distortion alone is hard enough to bear, but how can I adjust and adapt and learn to hear if it keeps switching on and off?

I have an appointment tomorrow. I really really really want this to work for me, with ALL of my heart. I will be frank about the problems I’m having, I will be honest, I will ask for answers to my questions. I will walk away with my positivity reinstored.

I honestly believe in the Cochlear Implant. I have utmost faith in the technology. I have seen it work for far too many people not to.

Although I do feel that perhaps, there isn’t enough information around – to tell people just how hard it is at first – in particular for those who wore a hearing aid in that ear once upon a time. The blogs I have read, the articles I’ve scoured through, the websites I have absorbed, there is not a lot out there that warns you that for some people, the first few days, even weeks – are absolutely AWFUL. I am very glad that for many people, within days they notice a difference, within a week, they are talking on the telephone. But for some people – it takes a lot longer. I have a feeling, I may be one of the people that it takes time for.

BUT… it’ll be worth it in the end. Oh yes.