I’m in a huff.

A seriously bad mood, don’t cross me.

I love the cinema. I love the atmosphere, the feeling of going out, having a treat. The open tubs of warm popcorn, the watered down coke and the padded seats you have to hold down before you sit on them.

However, I hardly go because the films have to be subtitled.

When I first met my husband, the second date he took me on was to the cinema to see the very first Lord of the Rings film. It was over 3 hours long but thankfully was very visual so I really enjoyed it. The second film we saw together was Dog Soldiers and I found it very hard to hide my boredom as I did not have a clue what the story line was, who the characters were. It was very dark film of soldiers in a forrest and some creature was chasing them I gathered that much. It became apparent afterwards, that as well as words you needed to hear, the sound effects were pretty important too.

Said now husband, vowed never to take me to the cinema again, unless they started releasing subtitled films. DVDs and bagged popcorn were the way forward.

Then subtitled films slowly crept in. Next, www.yourlocalcinema.com, a website devoted to the cause of collecting dates and times of subtitled films in cinemas all around the UK, was up and running, whoop whoop! I lived in London at the time, there was always a film on subtitled in the surrounding areas. Leicester Square in particular was good at showing them.

9 years on and two children later. the cinema is more and more of a novelty to me. Films in my home town that are subtitled are a rarity shown at all, let alone at times that people who work full time can attend. Tuesdays at 2pm? Are you having a laugh? More weekend and evening shows please!

I have been known to travel all around the Midlands for the cinema, but the films seem to be getting fewer and far between, again. Why? I hear that cinemas are fed up with low attendance rates – well you will get low attendance if you mostly show them in week days! Deaf people work too you know!

I was very excited to be seeing the Lovely Bones at the cinema a couple of weeks ago with my parents. Only the small one was quite poorly, so I had to cancel the trip 🙁 Not to worry, there’s another showing at a cinema a few miles out of town, the week after – we’ll go to that one instead. My leg was in plaster by the end of the weekend.

Now I’m able to get about, and I have a check to see when it’s on next. Can I find anything? Can I heck. There are no showings listed at any cinema within a 30 mile radius of anything out at the moment, let alone Lovely Bones! A hearing person could have just gone to the cinema the next day instead. I have to wait for the DVD.

Hence the huff commenced.