Tomorrow I have an appointment with the CI clinic, to look at progress (which is none) and perhaps work out where I go from here (hopefully forward).

I have some plans to ask them to try. One idea is that as the distortion I get is primarily dominated by high pitched whispering hushes enveloping every sounds I am “hearing” I wondered about re-programming the processor to start from scratch and only activating the lower frequencies for the time being. Perhaps, this’ll make it that bit clearer, and then I’ll work my way up wards. I don’t know if I’m thinking along the right lines, but it’s better than no plan isn’t it! I’ll update you tomorrow!

In the meantime, I’ve noticed that I get quite a few reads on this blog now. Initially I started this blog up to get all the ramblings in my head, down on paper as it were, and share my thoughts and experiences with anyone who might stumble across this page. I love that there seem to be regulars now, and I’d love to get to know you a bit more.

I challenge you to comment on this page and tell me 3 things about yourself, which can be ANTHING plus how you came across this blog. It would also really help me as a blogger, to get to know the type of people (apart from the fact that you’re all lovely of course – I already know that!) that are interested in my, as far as I know, rambled dull witterings!

I’ll tell you three things about me to get started:

  • I am a regular writer for the fabulous newspaper the Hearing Times
  • I always eat the foam eggs first, from a pack of Haribo
  • I am due back at work in 8 days, after 16 months off and am petrified!

Your turn 🙂 x