Happy New Year!

Wow, its 2012! One of my new year’s resolutions will definitely be to blog more. In fact, I must. Not necessarily because I think my audience will like it, but because it’ll be good for me.

Writing was always cathartic for me during good times and bad, when I was a teenager, I wrote countless diaries, every day writing a new essay on the day’s events and I was constantly reading back the previous entries. As I got older, I got out of that habit, as you do when I became preoccupied with boys, studying and well, let’s be honest, partying. When I started this blog, way back in 2009, as a way to spill my thoughts and share my journey as I went to get a Cochlear Implant, I relished again how writing helped me get my head in order.

When things got busy, thanks to my Photography Business  (take a look at this blog post by the way, recapping and sharing 2011’s weddings!) I started to neglect my writing side of things. It also didn’t help, that I felt so let down by my Cochlear Implant not working out, that it felt like I was flogging a dead horse wittering away on a blog intended to start out as a way to share my experiences.

As it has now been some months since I wrote here regularly, and 2 years almost to the week that I was first switched on, I’ve decided to let those demons go by using this blog as a means to write again, but not necessarily specifically hearing related. I think, actually, that this still will be my place to write about all things deaf/hearing related on the whole. But does it really matter if the odd post slips in about something different?

No! Because it’s my blog right? I can write what the hell I want to write!

Things have been very difficult at work for me lately. I think that’s a blog post in itself as I’m due a meeting with my lovely bosses later on this month so it may help me work out my stance on the matter. And that will be, obviously, deafness related. But things at home have also been just lovely lately, and I have at times, wanted to share that loveliness with the world – so although that hasn’t been deafness related, you know what? I think I will share!

In the meantime however, I have something fantastic to write about. I cannot believe it’s taken me so long to write about it! I’m going to write it as a separate post though, because it’s a review of something that has no relation to the above.

See you in a paragraph or two……