I’m really sorry to those who have been checking the blog for an update about my appointment on the 2nd. I’ve had a few very busy weeks and lost my blogging mojo. My photo blog was affected too.

Anyway, I have a few blog posts in action, so watch this space, but just to let you know that the scans on the 2nd October went well. I haven’t had any further appointments through the post yet, but I know I have some due as the next step is a sensory hearing test, plus some balance tests too (I am so not looking forward to that one!). I won’t hear the results of the scans until I see the consultant next, I might chase them up in a week or so if I haven’t heard anything more.

Although the scans themselves went fine, I was very glad when they were over. The MRI scan involved having to take my hearing aid and my glasses off and this meant I couldn’t hear a thing, or see very much whilst in a machine that rumbled a lot and having to stay very still. You lose all sense of time, and whilst in the tunnel that you’re pushed into you do have a small mirror that shows the doors so you know when someone is coming back in, it’s a bit scary and not being able to hear or see (much), you feel quite vulnerable!

I would like to know though, why, when the one time you need to be incredibly still, you get an itch on the bottom of your foot? I’d also like to know if swallowing counts as moving? Whilst stuck in the tiny tunnel of the MRI machine, this is what I thought about!

The CT wasn’t as bad, as it’s not quite so claustrophobic. You’re also not left for as long! Although you do feel a little bit like you’ve been transported onto the Enterprise the way the lights and machinery swishes around you. But I will name and praise the lovely staff in the scan department at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (although the signage to the carpark is apalling!) as the nurse in particular who prepped me for each scan was lovely and kept me informed as to what was going to happen. Knowledge is key!

Will write again soon.