The Deaf One

About me

I am a 29 year old Mum of two, living in the Midlands and I am Profoundly Deaf.

I was born deaf, diagnosed at the age of 2 years and had my first hearing aids issued at aged 2.5. Tootle on a few years and many tests and scans later, it was established that my vestibular Aqueduct is too wide. A few years later, and they think that this may be part of a syndrome called Pendred which also has many other symptoms such as the deafness, migrane, vertigo, tinnitus and in some cases, a decreased Thyroid. There is some more information about Pendred here and here.

It all boils down to a congenital bilateral hearing loss in the end, which is the primary symptom for me and the one that affects life the most. It is a progressive loss, I once was a double hearing aid wearer, I am now only able to use one in the Right ear. It’s been a hard slog, but I always got by just about ok. Now, especially after having children, it’s getting worse and more difficult to manage.

I started up this blog as a bit of a journal as I started to be seen at Birmingham Selly Oak Hospital for consideration of a Cochlear Implant. It was s a huge decision to make and a lot of thoughts have been running through my head since the operation, activation and the struggles since. I hope you enjoy sharing my journey with me about this and my life as a Deaf Mum. If you have any comments or questions then please by all means feel welcome to comment on my posts.

A bit more about my history can be found on my first blog post. I must stress that anything I write about on here, does not necessarily represent every Deaf Person’s experience and these thoughts are coming from me based on my life and experiences.

Bryony x