I am not allowed to get the area where they operated wet for a whole week which means washing my hair is rather out of bounds, booooo. On Christmas Eve, my lovely Mum helped me wash most of it, being very careful to avoid the area around my left ear, but of course by today, it’s getting in desperate need of a wash again.

Apologies for the rubbish quality of photo; my mobile phone wasn’t really chosen for it’s photo taking abilities, and I look far too tired now to take a shot with my (third) baby (the D90) so it’ll have to do.

So, whatddya think? Do I have enough “hat hours” under my belt to get the approval of the “hat wear” judges?

It covered the hair anyhow!


Good news is that I’m feeling much less dizzy today than I have been. Although the lip blister feels far larger and is more irritating than it looks. I’m rather hoping I may lose a few pounds over the next couple of weeks as my taste hasn’t shown any sign yet of returning, so food isn’t quite as much fun! There’s a positive in everything right? 😀