I can’t believe it’s been a whole week since my operation!

Just a quickie tonight to update you all. I finally washed my hair properly this evening now that it’s been over 7 days. It was bliss!

I’m almost back to normal now, the dizzyness is very slight, and I’m confident that by New Year’s Eve in 2 days time it may have even gone completely.

The taste buds still think that bread is cardboard, but that I can cope with; I know what is chocolate and what is not chocolate – that is the main thing. The scar is still a bit sore, but healing nicely and nowhere near as painful as it was. Tinnitus is back to how it was pre-op, which is totally fabby.

The only odd thing, is that my glands on my left side is a bit swollen all of a sudden and my left cheek and area below my left eye is feeling bruised and tender, which I’ll keep an eye on but could just be something completely un-related. My ear still looks different as well, and I’m paranoid that they sewed it back on wrong or something!! But, I’m sure it’s just that there is still a bit of swelling that needs to ease.

Got some more hat hours in today as well, I’ve been looking very trendy indeed 😀

Here is a photo taken shortly after my hair was made squeaky clean! Looking fairly neat on day 8 eh?

If I don’t get on beforehand, then I would like to wish all my lovely readers a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. I have good feelings for 2010 x