It’s now been three weeks since my operation, how fast has that gone? I hope you all had a great New Year.

I stopped taking the painkillers about two weeks ago but over the last couple of days, the ear has been throbbing a little bit although nothing to justify the pills. The tinnitus comes and goes, and the scar is quite itchy at times. But I’m really pleased with how fast my hair is growing back and how well it’s healing.

The dizzyness is virtually gone now too, it sometimes catches me by surprise if I move suddenly, and randomly, when I cough it triggers but on the whole is fine now. I’m driving, I have independence! Yay!

It’s now only 6 days until the switch on. I’ve got a very important task this week, of finding somewhere in my house for the processor charging kit to live. Living room? Nah, the Small One could get hold of it. Dining Room? Nah, there’s no room. Kitchen? Um, probably best not to as it’s only little and the cooking steam gets about. Bedroom? Hmm, there’s an idea. I think that’s where it’ll go. Then it means that first thing in the morning, I’ll pop a new battery on and I’m ready to go!

Will write on Monday, The Big Switch On! x