Big Hello to all Smile

I’m back, I’ve been AWOL. My last post hopefully explained in advance. Moving house has been one of the most stressful times of my life. We were without internet until a few days ago as well, hence blogging actions on all accounts been lacking.

But we’re here now, and I’m back to blogging and really looking forward to it. I’ve been keeping up with my column at the which has hopefully kept some people going to some extent!

I’ve got a few posts to work on, I’ll slowly ease them in one by one. I’ve been busy setting up my own photography business as well, you can see where I’m at here: Its been very hard work, but I’m getting there slowly and learning more and more about the art of photography every single day. Being a deaf businesswoman has it’s obstacles, but I’m getting over them one by one.

See you very soon!